Thirteen is the Luckiest Number

Am I the only one who cares about the initial “Started Dating” anniversary way more than the anniversary of marriage? Maybe it’s because Michael and I never had a wedding…I know, I know. We were engaged for a year and a half at that point, and a wedding just didn’t seem super necessary at 21 years old. Now that I’m 30, I’m DYING to have a wedding. Maybe one day I’ll plan a wedding and a huge party after, as a vow renewal ceremony.

Anywho, Michael and I celebrated our 13th Anniversary in February by doing…NOTHING. Like, at all. But honestly, that’s okay because we don’t do much of anything to celebrate special days. We’re getting more low key the older we get! (read: couch potatoes) I think we spent the day at work and the evening cooking dinner and watching the ID Discovery Channel until about 9:30 before we passed out. Writing this makes me feel a little sad for us, now that I dwell…but again, I’m good. We talked about the past 13 years and everything that we have been through together that has gotten us to this point. We’re both so grateful for how we are at this point in our lives, and so HAPPY with our relationship! 

We graduated High School together, moved to Florida together, went through college, had babies, started careers, advanced in careers, bought a house, traveled, experienced life and death, had a billion fights and make ups, almost split up 11 thousand times, and experienced everything in between. But we never gave up on each other and that’s why we are at this point. The comfortable silence, happy companionship, parenting team “Badass But Tired”, and just so content. In honor of our 13th anniversary, here are 13 things about my husband that I love.

  1. He doesn’t care what ANYONE thinks. This is what drew me to him that fateful December 2003 when we met. I immediately recognized this trait in him and respected it. He doesn’t feel the need to shout “I don’t care” from the hills so that everyone knows he’s a badass…he just lives his truth everyday. He is the same person with everyone, no matter what.
  2. He has the funniest habits! Like looking up at the sun directly to make himself sneeze (no idea why) or double looping his shoes laces before he ties them. I love quirks!
  3. He never gives up; just keeps moving forward. He spent two years going to radiology tech school, only to find out on the day he was supposed to graduate that the program wasn’t accredited. They took our money and scammed us! Did he pout, get depressed, throw a fit? No. He went that week and enrolled in the Police Academy and never looked back. And was Officer of the Year in 2014 so…
  4. He’s incredibly brave. Five years ago, he suffered a mental breakdown out of the blue. It took him for a spin and really scared the hell out of me. Instead of hiding, he spoke up about what he was going through. He got help, worked through things, and spoke out to the police department. Those of you who have worked a testosterone driven career (no offense to ANY of our amazing female LEOs) know how difficult that can be to swallow pride and be vulnerable. I’ve never respected him more.
  5. The dude LOVES animals. You wouldn’t meet Michael and think that he has a ginormous soft spot for animals, but introduce him to a sweet animal and he’s a pile of baby pink mush.
  6. He is so UN-lazy. My favorite thing to do on the weekends is sleep late and lay in bed catching up on all things LACEY’S PHONE. Michael gets right out of bed and starts cleaning and doing yard work. Never fails! Don’t worry, he likes to relax later in the day when I’m revving up to work myself into a frenzy. We compliment each other’s habits perfectly.
  7. He is the most fun Daddy. While my focus tends to be their health and habits (Did you say thank you? Did you brush your teeth? You better get back here and take these vitamins!) his focus is always “Are they happy?”. That’s the most important thing to him, making sure that our children are happy. While he doesn’t make them eat healthy cereal wit’s filtered milk and take vitamins like I do, he makes sure they get lots of sunshine and play time and know how much they’re loved every single day. Yin to my Yang.
  8. He always supports me. ALWAYS. I tend to be very widely spread in terms of my hobbies, ideas, wants, and ventures. He never objects, never tries to slow my roll. He just supports and is there for me, no questions asked. Whether I’m gone for a week with work travel, starting my blog or Young Living Oils business, cheating on my diet with pizza, or just want to do something wild to my hair, he’s down.
  9. He puts up with me being a brat. Let’s leave it at that! 🙂
  10. He has simple tastes. He loves fishing, Coors Light, Cowboys football, and guns. He knows what he likes and spends time cultivating his hobbies in his own unassuming manner. I love watching him be happy!
  11. He is a great friend, and will do anything for the people he loves.
  12. He isn’t super vocal about his feelings (Neither am I, we are NOT romantic people) but he loves so hard. Anyone who is close to him would never doubt how much he cares for them.
  13. He is the best husband, my absolute best friend, and the most important person in my life. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t go home and just hug him and talk about my day or my thoughts. He makes my life better in so many ways! Have you ever had someone who perfectly makes up for every flaw and fault that you have? My husband does that for me.

Happy Anniversary my love, I’ll love you always.

4 thoughts on “Thirteen is the Luckiest Number

  1. Lisa H Hill

    Very touching Lacey…. I knew when I first met you that you were the one that would make my son happy. He is a hard nut to crack sometimes but I know he truly is in love with that sassy girl he met in High School. You and the kids are his world and that will never change. Thanks for being his wife and his best friend but most of all the best mother to my 2 amazing , beautiful, smart grandchildren. Thanks for loving Michael’s for my family

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