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Cactus Love – Instagram Edition

Oh Friday, it feels like it’s been forever since we last met! I’ve been laid up all week after my cruise with an Upper Respiratory Infection and Laryngitis (what up old smoker lady voice), but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying my favorite day of the week! If you follow me on Instagram (Pretty Little Cactus) then you know how much I love sharing goodies that I’ve tried or spotted.  I’ve been crushing hard on all things cactus related, for obvious reasons, and I wanted to share my latest finds!

  1. Hunt Collective Ltd: State Sign Holders – I’ve been stalking the Hunt Collective LTD. Instagram feed on the regular, this guy is so talented! I’ve got my eye on a few things in his shop and I can’t wait to order my Florida sign to hang on my back porch with a new succulent in it.

    Another Hunt Collective Ltd. must have!

  2. Luna Beehive: Felt Cactus Magnets – I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this adorable IG account, but I do know that I instantly went “OMFG THIS IS ADORABLE!” and went to her Etsy shop as fast as my little fingers could type. She makes the sweetest little magnets and pillows, they are so cheerful!

    Can’t handle the cuteness on my fridge!

  3. Small Wild: Cactus Ring Totems – Oh ceramics, an art that has always alluded me. What this artsy gal does with clay and glaze astounds me and I am determined to get my hands on as many pieces from her as possible! She creates the coolest mini animal necklaces and totems, and posts them in exclusive batches each Sunday in her shop. I’ve been lurking on her website for weeks waiting for more cactus goodies. I’m patiently waiting and biding my time…

    Mother Flower, those are gorgeous!

  4. Sacred Elements: Agave Notebook – I’ve fan girled this account for a while now, and when I checked out her Red Bubble shop it was love at first sight! I’m a sucker for natural photography, so when I saw the iPhone cases and notebooks, I just had to get a few. I get compliments on my phone case all the time! I got the Tough Case and it’s tried and tested. I basically can’t hold anything like an adult, so I drop my iPhone almost daily but it’s still kicking!

    I know you’re wondering…yes I did drop my phone during the making of this picture.

  5. Florida Cactus Inc: Succulent Nursery – Oh Florida Cactus Inc, how I love thee. The hours I’ve spent walking through the greenhouses, drenched from the Florida sun and not giving an eff. This family owned greenhouse was a lucky find, and it’s only 30 minutes outside of Orlando! They have several huge greenhouses filled with cacti and succulents of almost every variety. They don’t have an actual website, but based on the thousands of orders they receive each year, I’m guessing they do great phone order business. I once went there and saw them packing up over 2,000 Lithops for an out of state order! You can read more about them and my first visit here.

I always take my number one girl with me to Florida Cactus. Hi Laila!

Well friends, I am off to go enjoy my Friday with family and friends. It’s actually my THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY so I took the day off and plan to stuff my face with waffles, play with my kids, and relax in my potting studio on my patio with a few cold ones. Cheers to the weekend!

Our Day at Florida Cactus Inc.


I’ve always assumed that because I don’t live in California, I won’t have access to big nurseries and really cool varieties of succulents and cacti, which makes me seriously SAD. Enter my good pal Google, and I find Florida Cactus, Inc! YOU GUYS-it’s amazing. About 30ish minutes outside of Orlando, it’s off in the Florida bush, which is really beautiful country if you ask me. I took my favorite gal, my daughter Laila, and we went on an adventure! Everyone say “Hi Laila”!


The biggest Blue Agave I’ve ever seen!

Laila loves gardening and is super excited to start her own little gardens on our property. She is just like me; enthusiastic, hyper, inquisitive, and loves plants – The perfect succy shopping partner in crime buddy! There are six greenhouses to shop from (maybe more) and we went to town!




The staff was super sweet, and let us keep all of the fallen leaves that we found. Let me tell you, my girl is a succulent pup bloodhound! She kept finding them in the dirt under the benches, and many of them had roots or babies growing already!


Teensy baby Kalanchoe!


Succulent babies everywhere!

At the end of the day, we took home a great haul and Laila made her own little arrangement to keep in her North facing window in her room. A day well spent!!