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It’s no secret that I love gardening. It’s also no secret that I’m a biiiitttt of a plant hoarder. Which leads me into my problem-lack of space! I’m all about propagating my succulents, and I have dozens of babies growing at any given time. Recently I’ve also delved into growing from seeds. Unless I want my home taken over by little seedling nurseries, I need another solution – a greenhouse!

My pretty little greenhouse...for now!

My pretty little greenhouse…for now!

This is my current situation; I bought this off Amazon and it’s a nice little setup for a few dozen seedling trays and growing succulents that I have right now. But I need MORE! My dream is to build one in the little fenced off courtyard you see behind my back patio. I’ve started hoarding gathering old glass doors and window to piece the structure together. Here are some of my inspiration pictures from Pinterest. Nothing too crazy! Have any of you built a greenhouse? What are your tips and sources?

I even beg my husband over text message. Nagging works!

I even beg my husband over text message. Nagging works, right?

For now, I am content with my little baby greenhouse.

Would ya just look at it!!!

Would ya just look at it!!!

Of course, after I finished getting this all set up and feeling like an accomplished gardening badass, I turn around and see that my son is in his underpants in his blow up pool, riding his tricycle. Parenting win!

Carson Mark, just as happy as can be.

Carson Mark, just as happy as can be.

Where Did My Day Go?

Does anyone else's potting space look like this after a day of work?

Does anyone else’s potting space look like this after a day of work?

You know, I really do start my weekend days with the best intentions. I get up early, feed my children, make my bed and everything! I make my to-do list, my grocery list, my keep-my-shit-together list. But before I know it, I’m out in my garden just tinkering away…lists forgotten! My husband Michael will come out and check on me to make sure I have water and haven’t completely lost my marbles with potting and re-potting succulents. And the next thing I know, I’ll go inside for something and see the time; 6:00pm and I’ve literally done nothing else but putter around my potting bench for 10 hours. Mind you, that’s a good day in my opinion! Cheers to all of the gardeners who, like me, get lost in their passion for plants and dirt.