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Have you ever driven past a restaurant and wanted to go in purely based on their vibe?


Obviously the string lights and cactus drew me in!

That’s how it was for me when I drove past The Smiling Bison. It’s set on a sweet little side street in the Baldwin Park District of Downtown Orlando, complete with a mini cacti garden and string lights…swoon! I love to shop locally and source from my community, so I felt compelled to recap my experience for my fellow Orlando peeps! Fast forward to dinner the next week with two of my favorite gals and I quickly discovered the best part about The Smiling Bison – THE FOOD! I’m a sucker for anything locally sourced and artfully plated, so I was basically the happiest woman on earth! First up: the dranks.


Spring Thyme Sangria and The Peach Cobbler

You guys!!!! They are amazing. The Peach Cobbler was my favorite, but of course I tried everyone else’s too because I’m THAT girl. The FireBloom was my second favorite; I’m not sure how they mix hibiscus and jalapeno and make it taste good, but it’s a flavor party for your mouth, trust me. Starry Nights is their take on an Old Fashioned and has aztec cocoa bitters as a special note, which was rich and flavorful. The Spring Thyme Sangira has -you guessed it- thyme, strawberries, and other goodies in it. It was refreshing and delicious as well. I probably could have stayed there and just sucked down drinks all night, but I’m 30 now so I guess I’ll be responsible and not drink my food anymore…


New Life Mission – Make Own Summer Sausage! Or, just keep eating this!

Anywho. We were lucky enough to go during their springtime menu; they change their menu seasonally to reflect the produce of the season that they get from local growers. Each of us got an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert so we could all sample each other’s picks. I. Was. Impressed. Chef Josh is a culinary master. I choose the House Made Summer Sausage which came with cheese, grain mustard, house made pickles, and grilled bread. For a relatively simple spread, it knocked my socks off! My new mission is to figure out how to make my own summer sausage…it’s gotta be easy right? No? Moving on. I also sampled the Peach Salad (goat cheese fritters, enough said) and the Poutine (cheese curds, ditto) and both were ridiculously tasty. Apparently they have Brunch Poutine which I can’t wait to shove in my face and wash down with mimosas soon. Can you tell I’m writing this post while hungry? Never food blog while starving!


Chef Josh: Culinary and Beard Growing Master

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One Pulse

It’s been the week from Hell in Orlando. We have collectively mourned the loss of a beautiful singer, 49 innocent souls, and a precious little boy…all in less than 7 days. I know that the world has mourned too, and I’ve been so touched by the outpouring of support from all across the globe; but especially from everyone in our Orlando community. Hundreds of people have stepped out to donate blood for the wounded survivors, given their time and money, and just BEEN there for each other. I’ve never experienced such a devastating time in Orlando, but if there is one thing that I have learned from this, it’s that love will always outweigh hate. In honor of Christina Grimmie, the 49 victims of the Pulse Club Massacre, and sweet baby Lane, I am making a decision to put out as much love and light that I can into the world. I encourage you to do the same! Our time on earth is never guaranteed to last, and I can think of nothing better to do with our time here than to spread happiness and cheer!