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Where Did My Day Go?

Does anyone else's potting space look like this after a day of work?

Does anyone else’s potting space look like this after a day of work?

You know, I really do start my weekend days with the best intentions. I get up early, feed my children, make my bed and everything! I make my to-do list, my grocery list, my keep-my-shit-together list. But before I know it, I’m out in my garden just tinkering away…lists forgotten! My husband Michael will come out and check on me to make sure I have water and haven’t completely lost my marbles with potting and re-potting succulents. And the next thing I know, I’ll go inside for something and see the time; 6:00pm and I’ve literally done nothing else but putter around my potting bench for 10 hours. Mind you, that’s a good day in my opinion! Cheers to all of the gardeners who, like me, get lost in their passion for plants and dirt.

“Why did you choose the name Pretty Little Cactus?”

I’ve been getting this question from friends and family recently, and I never know how to answer without sounding angsty. Of course there is the obvious; I love cacti and succulents and wanted to document my gardening and cultivating efforts! I think they’re lovely and very, very pretty. But the whole truth is, Pretty Little Cactus is me! It’s you! Maybe it’s someone you know, and I’m betting it’s many someones that you don’t know as well.

Aren't they darling?

Aren’t they darling?

The Pretty Little Cactus is…well, pretty. It’s small. It seems unassuming and looks like it may even be sweet! But get too close with bad intentions, and you’ll find out too late that it’s thorns are very real. Behind that cute exterior, the Pretty Little Cactus has character and substance, and commands a certain amount of respect. Having good looks is nice and all, but what I value in myself and those that I love is what’s inside. Strength of character, substance, and true decency; that’s what makes up Pretty Little Cactus!