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I am definitely not a home decorating expert or even aficionado, but I do love it with a passion!! I am a serial wall paint changer, curtain buyer, and area rug obsessed to boot. All of those things add up to a big annoyance for my husband, but he’s a great sport about it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I cannot believe tomorrow is finally Thanksgiving! Even though I’ve been thinking about it and planning for weeks, it seems like November was the quickest month of all. If you follow me on Instagram ( you may have seen that I’ve been buying decor pieces here and there, while simultaneously freaking about hosting dinner. And here is the finished table, all ready for our family! I love decorating and putting my vision to work and I am so happy with how it turned out! Having a Christmas tree in the mix isn’t traditionally Thanksgivingy, but sometimes you just have to go with what makes you happy and break tradition. Just ask Merida! No decor makes my heart happier than white twinkle lights, and I feel like it brings a festive and cozy feel to the entire room.

Thanksgiving Chalkboard

When you’re chasing after two kids, decorating, and baking at the same time…sometimes ya forget how to spell “Pumpkin”! FAIL

Thanksgiving Table Decor Thanksgiving Tablescape

Table, Chairs, Hurricane Vases, Candles

The menu was much easier to put together than the table, that’s for sure! Both of our families have very different Thanksgiving dinner traditions. My family always fries a turkey and cooks Boudin from our native Louisiana, which is a type of rice dressing made with pork liver and stuffed in a sausage casing. Don’t freak! It sounds funky to someone who has never heard of it (most of America) but it’s SO GOOD. My husband Michael’s family always roasts a turkey and makes a ham, which my father-in-law pairs with the most amazing honey mustard sauce you’ve ever tasted. So this year I thought it would be perfect to mesh both of our family traditions! I give you:

The Anderson-Hill Mega Thanksgiving Menu

2 Fried Turkeys
Spiral Ham with Honey Mustard Sauce
Louisiana Boudin
Ma’s Apple-Sausage Stuffing
Green Bean Casserole
Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Cranberry-Orange Sauce
Salted Dinner Rolls
Pecan Pie Bars
Pumpkin Sheet Pie
Chocolate Creme Pie
Apple Pie
Wine and Champagne

Thanksgiving Table Setting Thanksgiving Table SettingThanksgiving Place Settings Thanksgiving Table Setting

Gold Plate ChargersPlates, Runner (old, similar here), Silverware, Flutes, Place Mats

Laila has been looking forward to Thanksgiving almost as much as me, she really loves all of the anticipation and festive atmosphere of the holidays! Plus, she LOVES to eat, a girl after my own heart. Buddy really couldn’t care less, although he is excited to have everyone together. While it was a lot of work putting this together and planning it all, I’m so happy that we are lucky enough to have pulled this off and to be able to spend this special day with our family. I can’t help but to think of those less fortunate who can’t enjoy holidays with family and friends, and it really makes me thankful for each of our blessings. This day is always a reminder to take nothing for granted. Happy Thanksgiving friends, I hope your day will be filled with too much turkey and all the happiness in the world!

I wasn’t sure how big of a bite I was taking when I volunteered myself to host my very first Thanksgiving dinner this year but…I know now!

This is the first year that my parents and 5 of my siblings will be in Florida for Thanksgiving, so I was determined to get us all together with my husband’s family. As the eldest child and the one with the most centrally located house, it is always my natural choice to be the hostess. I always try to be a good hostess! Just call me Monica. (What up Friends reference!) But when I sat down with my husband to plan things after I voluntold him that we are doing this, I calculated…and calculated again. Surely I made a mistake, is my mind playing tricks on me? My mind: “Nah girl, you just invited 22 people over for dinner. Good luck dummy”! Kidding, I only slightly freaked out.


Now, when we purchased our cute little house three years ago, I was not picturing that my family would finally move to Florida! Now that 7 out of my 1 billion family members are here, I find myself pining away for a huge house with a medieval style banquet table that can seat us all. Alas, I’ll have to make do. I’ve been turning details over in my mind to figure out how to accommodate everyone in one place. I don’t care about paper plates and scattered guests if I’m hosting a normal party, but this is the big leagues people! Thanksgiving is my favorite dinner of the year, and I cannot slack on this one! While I’m positive that I’ll have to mod-podge chairs and tables to fit everyone, I’m still not clear on if I’ll make this an outside party, or somehow fit us all in my dining room. I’ve been looking up some ideas on Pinterest (My Page) for this which I’ve posted below.

 What I am sure of is that we will have matching place settings, a beautiful tablescape, and lots of decor. Because dammit, being festive is my thing. I’m not sure how it will all turn out because I have images of my place settings, dishes, and accessories all floating around in my head, so when I get my dining room back (I’m currently painting it, ugh) I’ll have to lay everything out like a physical mood board. What Thanksgiving plans do you have? Any tips on pulling off a huge family Thanksgiving successfully? I’m slightly terrified!!

Hill House Halloween…has a nice ring to it huh?

I’m a sucker for a good alliteration! And I’m a sucker for ANYTHING festive. The holidays are my favorite time of the year, and like most people I’m sure, I am most happy during the three magical months of October, November, and December! October is my favorite month of all because it’s the height of pumpkin season and I’ve always loved Halloween. In fact, my favorite movie of all time is Hocus Pocus! I’ve watched it year round for almost my entire life and I’ll never get sick of it. Oh look, another glorious morning…makes me sick! 



The first thing we do in October is decorate for Halloween. I’ll admit that I didn’t do near as much this year as I’ve done in previous years. I’ll blame turning thirty on my lack of energy, but trust me, I will make up for it this Christmas! Anywho, back to October 1st. It’s our tradition to decorate for Halloween on the 1st of every October while watching Halloween Movies or listening to spooky songs. The kids LOVE it and ask me everyday in September if it’s October yet. Is it just me or does September drag on and on?



We typically have lots of Halloween bucket list items to cross off each year too, but I really slacked this year! Confession time: We haven’t even been to a PUMPKIN PATCH and it’s almost November. And pumpkin patches are my favorite places on earth! Well, next to Christmas tree farms…and while I’m on the topic, all of you lucky ducks who live in temperate climates and have actual Christmas tree farms should thank your stars. In Florida we have Christmas tree and pumpkin “tents” that pop up sporadically. They almost always truck in the goods from Georgia. But hey-I’m just thankful they make it all the way down here!




I just wanted to give a little Halloween festiveness to your day with some pictures of our set up. Every time I look at pictures of my dark blue dining room I get more and more irritated with it. I’m thinking that I need a medium grey instead, and maybe a light grey kitchen versus the light blue…so be on the look out for some before and after pictures! If I can get my shit together that is…you never know with me lately! I’ll be sure to bring my A game for Christmas because these sparse decorations are a little sad, even to me.


img_5191 img_5176

I hope that you have the happiest of Halloweens friends! Here’s to lots of BOOs, adorable costumes, and stealing your kids’ candy!