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Ahhh Friday Finds. Otherwise known as products reviews and shopping guides! I never buy anything with reading reviews, customer recommendations, or trying samples first, so I try to put my opinion on there to help people like me! These posts are the most fun for me to do because let’s face it; Mama loves to shop!

Oh my LAWD, I love LUSH. Have you ever been? It’s a bath and body products store where everything is homemade using all natural ingredients. We’re talking bath bombs and bubble bath, body scrubs and shower gel, AND TIGERS AND BEARS OH MY!!! All of the pretty bath things that people like me lose our marbles over!

LUSH favorites! By the natural Mommy, Elle at Home

My love affair with LUSH started a few years ago when my kids kept requesting bubble bath over and over and it really messed with Laila’s sensitive skin. Carson also broke into hives after putting Laila’s Bath and Body Works shower gel straight on his body…think Blue Man Group style body paint. It was a mess. After googling “All natural bubble bath recipes” I came across LUSH! I feel the need to state that this is NOT a sponsored post. I simply love to share products testimonials for items that I’ve become passionate about.

Natural bath and body product favorites from Elle at Home blogger Lacey Hill

  1. Angels on Bare Skin: This facial cleanser is very different from the liquid ones I typically use. It’s made with lavender, ground almonds, and all sorts of skin softening ingredients. You just take a little bit, create a paste with some water, and use on your face! The scent is heavenly, and my skin is so soft after I use this. This was one of the first products I tried after reading the rave reviews, and I’ll never stop using it!
  2. BIG Shampoo: GAME CHANGER. My hair has never felt as soft as it does after I use this shampoo. It’s made with sea salt, coconut oil, citrus juices, and more. It smells amazing and a little goes a long way so this tub lasts me quite a while! I was so weirded out by the salt aspect, but after trying a sample (LUSH readily gives out samples of every one of their products!) I was amazed at the results. I have very thick hair, but I would imagine that people with thin or fine hair would really see an improvement in volume after using this!
  3. Toothy Tabs: These are so much fun! Basically you crunch one tab in your teeth and it starts fizzing. Wet your toothbrush and brush like normal! These are made with all sorts of essential oils like Neroli, Spearmint, Frankincense, and more! I have these in my purse at all times in a little pencil case with my floss and toothbrush to use after lunch, or after drinking coffee to prevent enamel staining. They’re also perfect for traveling, which I do about once a month.
  4. Brazened Honey Mask: Face masks are probably my favorite skincare product of all time. That’s right! I have over a dozen at any given time and I do one almost every night. This mask has kaolin clay, ground almonds, and all sorts of skin-helping oils. I use this mask to rejuvenate and soften my skin with the help of honey, ground ginger root, and lime oil. It’s so nice to use right before bed because it has the most relaxing scent. I just love honey for skincare!
  5. R&B Hair Moisturizer: I’m going to make a bold statement and say that this is my absolute favorite LUSH product. My hair has always been super thick, coarse, wavy, frizzy, and just plain unruly. After using this product, I’m so happy with how healthy my hair has become. Like every product in this list, it smells phenomenal (Orange Blossom and Jasmine) and is made with the best ingredients. I use this on freshly washed hair, from mid shaft to my ends. If you have dry scalp issues you can also use on your scalp! A little goes a long way, so a large tub can last a year.
  6. Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars: Our bath time favorites!!! I can’t say enough about these. My kids are obsessed with them, they all smell so good, and the crazy colors are so much fun! I even buy some for myself, but I have to keep them separate from the kids’ stash or they’ll use them all up. I highly recommend these, especially if your kids are not huge fans of bath time.
  7. Don’t Look at Me Mask: This is a great mask to use in the morning, and I typically use this on Sundays when I’m doing a hair mask. It’s an exhilarating mask made with lemon juice, kaolin clay, and ground rice. The ground rice exfoliates while the lemon juice helps to brighten the skin. Because these masks are kept in the fridge, they really wake up your skin first thing in the morning! Bonus: putting them on cold tightens your pores! Think reverse of a steam facial.
  8. Yuzu and Cocoa Body Wash: Uuuggghhhh this body wash smells amazing. I used up the small bottle I bought in a week and went right back and bought the biggest bottle they sell. I can’t even describe the smell, although it’s basically orange and chocolate. The best part about this body wash is that I can use it on my children’s sensitive skin every single day with no irritation from perfumes or dyes, and no drying of their skin! Just call me obsessed.
  9. Kinky Hot Oil Treatment: I recently bought this to try and it was pretty fun to make! You mix it with hot water until it’s the consistency of a thick conditioner, and leave it on dry hair. Then you simply rinse out of your hair and wash like normal! It’s a reverse treatment system (compared to shampoo then conditioner) and washing with BIG Shampoo after left me with such soft and shiny hair that I thought I was imagining things. Again, my hair is NOT typically soft or shiny without the use of heat and a ton of product, so I’m a true believer in these hair treatments.

Hope you enjoyed the recommendations! Let me know if you try any of these, or if you swear by a LUSH product that I haven’t mentioned. Oh, and obviously I posted this on Saturday, but hey – I thought about it on Friday, so that count’s as a Friday Find right? 🙂  Happy Weekend friends, and thanks for reading!

Only 9 more sleeps until Christmas!

Ah Gift Guides…the bulk of my google history in December. I love them, mostly because I find all sorts of fun things that I normally wouldn’t have thought of. When I put together my gift list for Michael this year, all of these things were on it. I love all things pretty, and I tend to gift my girlfriends with that in mind.

1. 52 Lists Journal: I am hooked on this journal, and now that I’m almost finished with my 2016 version (found here) I cannot wait to start this one on January 1! They’re not limited by years, I just chose to do one in 2016 and the other one in 2017.

2. Lighthearted Candle: I switched to only natural wax candles this year (soy, coconut, etc) and I’m loving all of the fun candles that Anthropologie sells. This one stuck out to me in particular because it’s lovely, and the glass can be reused once it’s finished!

3. Write Drunk Pencils: If you follow me on Instagram ( you may have seen my post about these. I love a fun literary theme, and these made the top of my stocking-stuffer list! They have a bunch of fun sayings and so many other pretty things to browse through.

4. Bring Me Wine Socks: I mean, who doesn’t need these socks?? Super cute, super useful, super affordable. All of the wins!

5. Let’s Do This Notepad: Are you a list maker? I am…lists for all of the things, plus lists for my lists! You get the picture. I adore all of Rifle Paper Co’s products, but I love the list pads in particular. Plus, the flagship store is local and right down the street from me! You can’t beat getting to meet Anna Rifle in her very own design studio!

6. Garance Doré Book: I have been a fan girl of Garance Doré for YEARS. As a matter of fact, I have many of her prints in my bathroom! This book was a fun read; filled with tips, designer gems, and beauty. It makes a great coffee table edition!

7. Gold Flask: I tend to gravitate towards anything gold or rose gold, and this pretty little flask caught my eye! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t pack this baby in my purse for work drinks. But it’s fun to have in case you’re heading to a get together and aren’t sure if they stock your favorite gin (mine is St. Augustine Distillery gin, shop local!) and you need to doctor up your club soda with lime!

I mainly put this together because it’s so much fun, but I do hope you liked my picks. I’d love to hear what’s on your wishlist this year! Any future Gift Guide requests? Leave me a comment and let me know!



Friday Finds – Cruise Essentials

If you read my last post, then you know that I went on a Bahamas cruise for my 30th birthday! With each trip that I take or experience that I have, I learn some thing new. For instance, did you know that your cell phone GPS doesn’t work well in downtown Chicago? I walked around 4 city blocks for about an HOUR one time because my GPS was scrambled by all of the high buildings that are all topped by communication towers.

 I’m notorious for over packing, because I am terrified of not having something if I need it. The way my mind works is “Well, if we encounter this situation…” or “I can totally see myself wanting to wear this if we go…” and so on. I can rework anything in my mind to make sense in a given situation, otherwise known as Lacey is spinning her wheels again. However, after traveling fairly frequently all year, I’ve really started to become a smart packer! I’m going back to Chicago in a few days, and I am much more confident in packing for a 3 day trip than I was a year ago. I also managed to pack pretty smartly for this cruise, and I’m sharing my go-tos out of everything that I brought. Hopefully this helps any future cruisers out there!


There are many things you will not need on a cruise, but the things you will find useful to have (in my opinion) are above. Not necessarily these specific brands, but the type of product is what we are aiming for.

  1. SUNBLOCK. I am fanatical about protecting my skin from the sun, especially here in Florida, America’s personal heat lamp. We always pack an SPF 50 or 70 spray for our bodies, but I rely on this one for our faces, ears, and neck. I apply this one several times during the day, and it works so well to prevent sunburn.
  2. TOMS. Walking around the Bahamas all day can be hard on the feet, especially in the sand and on nature trails. I packed these on a whim, knowing that I get uncomfortable in flip flops after a while. Chaffing sand and between-the-toe blisters? NAH, I’m good. These shoes were a lifesaver for me. They’re super comfortable and durable and I was so thankful for these babies!
  3. PANAMA HAT. I originally ordered one from J. Crew and then panicked when it wasn’t going to make it in time. After speaking with one of my girlfriends who told me that her hat flew overboard the first day of her cruise, I decided to buy the less expensive version from Target and I am SO happy that I did. My poor hat got soaked, sat on, and generally squished to shit. If that had been a $70 hat I would have been so upset! Cruising TIP-don’t pack expensive or easily ruined items.
  4. LAVENDER OIL. I am die hard about my Young Living Essential Oils, and Lavender is my #1. This oil does so many amazing things for the skin and mind, and my favorite way to use this is on fresh bug bites. I always have this oil with me, and the second I am bit by a mosquito, I dab it right on the bite. The itching goes away immediately, and the swelling is gone in less than an hour. You won’t even be able to see where you were bitten! I also love dabbing this behind my ears when I’m having trouble sleeping, or putting some on the bottom of my feet to make my Restless Leg Syndrome go away. (NOTE: this link is to purchase the Young Living Premium Starter kit from me. If you would like the link to purchase the lavender oil at a retail price OR if you would like more information about Young Living Essential Oils, please email me at and I am so happy to help!)
  5. BAGGU BAG. This one is a brand specific one for me, but I would advise that you look for any really durable beach bag. I splurged on this bag a few years ago from West Elm, and I’ve taken in on every trip and beach day with me since then. It’s made of really durable canvas and the bottom is dipped in a rubbery coating to make it even more durable. The bottom is fairly water resistant and doesn’t attract the sand, which makes it my go to. I take this bag to the gym, yoga, airports, work, you name it! I even bought some as Christmas gifts, I highly recommend it. West Elm lets you customize it, and I have an arrow print with an L on it.
  6. BABY POWDER. I’ve since started using straight corn starch with a few drops of essential oils to make my own version of this (no chemicals) but you get the picture. We use this to remove sand from legs and feet; imagine stuffing sandy feet into Toms, youch! I also love to use this as dry shampoo on the go, I use a little the night before just on my roots, and wake up with awesome hair. We also sprinkle a little in our suitcase after unpacking damp clothing and it works well to soak up the smells and residual dampness. We are on Team Shove Everything In Your Suitcase The Day You Leave To Go Home, who’s with me?

I hope this helps any future cruisers! I also packed my blow dryer ( a no-no, and they held mine for me since it’s a fire hazard to use in the staterooms) and my hair straightener…like I really ended up taking an hour a day to do my hair. Totally skipping this on my next cruise and rocking the saltwater dreads instead.

Wishing you a relaxing and happy Sunday friends, have a cold one for me!