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All of the fun posts about parties, holidays, and general jolliness! Being festive is my thing, it makes me happy to make other people happy, especially my husband and children!

I think what’s always made the holidays -or more accurately- Christmas so special to me is the magic that we’ve always kept alive for our kids. My parents made each Christmas special in that way, and it was really more about the warm feeling we all got than the gifts. We never asked them if Santa was real, we just enjoyed all of the festiveness and togetherness we shared. To me, Santa is the Christmas magic! It’s special that you don’t see him, or get to know all of the secrets of Christmas. We always knew the real meaning and reason for Christmas, of course, and we’ve made sure that Laila and Carson understand that as well.

Laila is 9 this year, and she takes after my Logical Lacey side so much! I know that she has been wondering if Santa is real. Last year, one of my girlfriends told her 9 year old the deal, and she made it so special! She took her to Disney and wrote this amazing letter, and I just thought, wow! That’s the way to go. Talking about how Santa is love and magic and hope and happiness. I gave it a ton of thought and even thought, this is the year! She is way too logical to keep falling for the Elf on the Shelf or Santa anymore.

But then…Laila caught me. She’s one of those sneaky cats who will go through my closet to try and find evidence, or who gets out of bed 1000 times to catch us in the act. At first it totally irritated me, but I know that she is just trying to work out what she thinks is happening with what is really happening. I’m an investigator by nature and a total over-thinker, so I can’t be too mad. However, I was totally crushed by her reaction. She saw me staging candy wrappers for Sebastian (that damn elf’s name that we gave him 5 years ago) and then came out of her room again to find that he moved to his new spot before she even went to sleep. Or before he had time to go back to the North Pole to snitch on her to Santa.

Y’all…she was so upset. She literally yelled at us, “Just tell me the truth”! We sent her back to bed for being extra, and honestly her reaction just really upset me. I’ve worked so hard to make Christmas special each year. From the freaking elf that is a pain in the ass to move each night, in the perfect spot that the cat, dog or 5 year old can’t mess with him. To carefully selecting the perfect thing each day for their advent calendar. Taking them to go look at all of the amazing Christmas lights every year, planning the best Santa gifts and arranging everything on Christmas Eve. And I finally had my out, I could just tell her!

But….I can’t. I’m not ready to take the magic away. As much as it takes up my time and energy every December, I don’t do it for myself. I do it for them! To have them experience that wonder and magic and amazement is everything to me. I feel like if I take that away, Christmas will be just a little bit less special. It may sound weird. But they won’t be little forever, and the best part of being little is BELIEVING. So I’m going to concoct the most creative damn way for Sebastian to come back from the North Pole, and I’m going to keep doing advent and making Christmas as magical as I possibly can. Because ya gotta believe!

UPDATE: my sister and I devised the perfect plan! Michael and I took the kids to dinner and to see some Christmas lights, and she came over to my house and set this up! She is a genius, I loved the letter that she wrote them! The kids freaked out, and let’s just say that the magic is alive and well.

Welcome, 2017!

And BYE GIRL to 2016. It was quite a year, and definitely will not go down as the best in my books. Still, I would rather count my blessings than dwell on the negative past, so let’s move forward together!

Barcart Styling for parties

New Year's Eve Chalkboard and Bar Cart Styling

New Year's Eve decorations

We had a bunch of family and friends over to ring in the new year, and I wanted to make it a fun night for adults and kids alike. We all pitched in and purchased dozens of mortars and fireworks, and had the best time watching the sky dazzle us all night!! My husband and some of our friends love to get together to make pulled pork, brisket, and ribs so we used this as a chance for them to show off their smoker skills. Trust me, it did not disappoint! I’m actually kicking myself for not taking more pictures, and definitely for not getting pictures of the food. It was such a great dinner! As far as decorations, Target was my one-stop shop for all of this festive fun. I loaded up my cart as soon as they broke out the NYE party decor! For the champagne Publix totally had my back – they marked down some bottles, and had BOGO on the others! So naturally, I bought 10 bottles. That’s normal, right?

Our new kitten Banks even got a New Year’s Eve popper!

…but he couldn’t hang until midnight with us!

I took down our real tree a few days ago, but I was too lazy couldn’t bring myself to break down the artificial tree.

I had a stroke of inspiration when I laid out the decor for NYE and decided “HECK YES, New Year’s Eve Tree!!”. I’m sure others have done this as well, but I’ve never seen one.  I modge-podged mine out of silver and gold Christmas ornaments (they looked like champagne bubbles to me) little party hats and party horns. I loved the little ornaments that looked like the Times Square ball drop! The stars were actually tooth pick toppers; I removed the toothpick, punched a hole in the top, and laced a ribbon through it. The party hats were easier: I cut a small hole in the top of the hat and ran the cord up through that, tied it closer to the base, and cut off the excess! It did take me a solid 4 or so hours for the tree, but I love how it turned out so much that I saved the decorations for next year!

New Year's Eve Tree - New Year's Eve Decor

All in all, it was a really fun night! I’m so thankful that my brother and sister-in-law could fly down and be with us; it was the icing on the cake for sure. Plus they’re expecting their first baby so I was able to get some belly rubs in. 🙂 One of the highlights of the night was cracking open the poppers with the confetti, paper crowns, and jokes-so fun! My sister Codi and I got completely sidetracked with the confetti wands and definitely used them all by 8pm. You want to completely lose your shit the morning after a party? Crack open 30 wands of confetti all over your house. Not the most fun thing to clean up when you’re tired and hungover, haha. But…I regret NOTHING! Playing with confetti is the most fun and festive thing EVER. Also, there were still bottles of champagne left, so mimosas helped us cope!

This year I’m looking forward to bringing positive change and to living life a bit more simply. One of my goals for 2017 is to slow down and take more time to relax and enjoy life. I spent the bulk of 2016 spinning my wheels, and that can really impact one’s sense of happiness and comfort! What are your goals and resolutions for the new year? Any bucket list items that you’re checking off your list? Whatever your aspirations are, I wish you the best 2017. Here’s to a new year and a new day!


It seems like December flew by, yet Christmas always seemed so far away. Now that the big guy is coming tonight to leave presents under the tree, I’m a bit sad to see it go. I go through this every single year! Maybe this year will be different since I’m hosting New Year’s Eve for my family and friends; I CANNOT wait! I’m hoping the anticipation of my favorite day of the year will help me be less sad when I’m taking down the tree. Do you leave your tree up until New Year’s Day? I’ve always taken mine down a day or two after Christmas. I love cleaning the house really thoroughly after pine needles have coated every surface for the past month.

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree!

Delightfully crooked, with just the right amount of quirky!

A beautiful Christmas jumble!


When I sit back and reflect on my Christmas activity through the month of December, I feel a little guilty. There are so many things that I didn’t do! Between work travel, weekend commitments, and holiday hustle, I barely had time to online shop. We didn’t even go see SANTA for crying out loud! I didn’t make cookies, put lights on the outside of my house, or even put up the kid’s advent calendar! Also, my Christmas cards that I spent two hours writing out are still sitting on my nightstand waiting to be stuffed with that special family portrait that I never got around to taking…such a bad elf.

Hanging stockings without a fireplace!

But you know what we did do? We spent lots of quality time with our friends and family. We went to look at Christmas lights several times, and soaked it all in with Laila and Carson. We snuggled up on the couch and watched Home Alone approximately 575 times and every other Christmas movie you could think of. And we took time to relax and unwind with each other after busy days running around doing last minute Christmas errands. Plus the kids got to decorate the odd gingerbread house here and there. All in all, I’m not going to lose sleep over what I didn’t accomplish this Christmas; I’m going to cozy up with my children and husband, and I’m going to be happy and thankful for the amazing month that we just whirlwind blew through.

Merry Christmas friends (and Happy Hanukkah at sundown tonight!) I hope your day is merry and bright!