Month: October 2016

Hill House Halloween…has a nice ring to it huh?

I’m a sucker for a good alliteration! And I’m a sucker for ANYTHING festive. The holidays are my favorite time of the year, and like most people I’m sure, I am most happy during the three magical months of October, November, and December! October is my favorite month of all because it’s the height of pumpkin season and I’ve always loved Halloween. In fact, my favorite movie of all time is Hocus Pocus! I’ve watched it year round for almost my entire life and I’ll never get sick of it. Oh look, another glorious morning…makes me sick! 



The first thing we do in October is decorate for Halloween. I’ll admit that I didn’t do near as much this year as I’ve done in previous years. I’ll blame turning thirty on my lack of energy, but trust me, I will make up for it this Christmas! Anywho, back to October 1st. It’s our tradition to decorate for Halloween on the 1st of every October while watching Halloween Movies or listening to spooky songs. The kids LOVE it and ask me everyday in September if it’s October yet. Is it just me or does September drag on and on?



We typically have lots of Halloween bucket list items to cross off each year too, but I really slacked this year! Confession time: We haven’t even been to a PUMPKIN PATCH and it’s almost November. And pumpkin patches are my favorite places on earth! Well, next to Christmas tree farms…and while I’m on the topic, all of you lucky ducks who live in temperate climates and have actual Christmas tree farms should thank your stars. In Florida we have Christmas tree and pumpkin “tents” that pop up sporadically. They almost always truck in the goods from Georgia. But hey-I’m just thankful they make it all the way down here!




I just wanted to give a little Halloween festiveness to your day with some pictures of our set up. Every time I look at pictures of my dark blue dining room I get more and more irritated with it. I’m thinking that I need a medium grey instead, and maybe a light grey kitchen versus the light blue…so be on the look out for some before and after pictures! If I can get my shit together that is…you never know with me lately! I’ll be sure to bring my A game for Christmas because these sparse decorations are a little sad, even to me.


img_5191 img_5176

I hope that you have the happiest of Halloweens friends! Here’s to lots of BOOs, adorable costumes, and stealing your kids’ candy!


Oh Halloween, perhaps the most fun holiday of them all!

I’ve always tried to focus on my kids during the holidays, and making them enjoyable for them too. Michael and I strive to create holiday traditions that we can repeat with Laila and Carson each year. Let me tell you, the older they get, the more fun the holidays are! For instance, Carson is turning 4 in a few weeks and he has been talking about his birthday party since JANUARY. I’m so glad that he is finally at the age to enjoy things. He also won’t shut up about Santa and asks me every week is Christmas is tomorrow, so there’s that. I’m excited for Christmas too Buddy!

img_5105img_5107 img_5106

I found this adorable Halloween advent calendar from Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago and I have the best time each year coming up with daily activities for it! October 1st is always “Decorate the house for Halloween” which we do together while watching Hocus Pocus (my favorite Halloween movie) and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! (my second favorite Halloween movie). Sometimes I’ll play fun Halloween music while we do this, the kids love this day of the year!

img_5118 img_5110 img_5120

The best part about this calendar is that it helps to make each day special in October, my favorite month of the year. I never spend a ton of money on goodies for this, mostly thanks to Target’s dollar section. (seriously, how can you not buy 3 of everything, it’s all amazing!) We don’t buy candy for the house typically, so the kids love when they get a card that says “Pick a piece of candy!”. I put about 6 of those in there, along with a few that say “Make Hot Cocoa”. I buy the cute little individual hot chocolate stirs to make it seem extra special, which they LOVE! Bonus, they’re super inexpensive at Target! I lurk around Target in September just waiting for the Halloween isle to go up and then I raid it…Target is my drug of choice! I also pick up all kinds of little coloring books and pencils, painting or coloring kits, pumpkin face kits, etc.


Yes I know, they are way too blonde to look anything like me!


These kids love crafts more than ANYTHING!

A few of the cards will say “Read a Halloween book as a family tonight” or “Watch a Halloween movie in Mommy and Daddy’s room!”…you get the picture! My favorite one every year is always “Go to the PUMPKIN PATCH!!!” although in Florida, we don’t have that many great ones! It’s way too hot here for all the good holiday stuff, but hey-at least we can go to the beach in December! Anywho, this is just another fun way of making Halloween last all month long, and what is better than a month long festive fest??


So I turned 30 in July.

Growing up, I remember thinking how old thirty sounded…even when I was 21 or 22 I thought “thirty, eek”! But once I got to be 27ish I started to change my tune. All of a sudden, “thirty” sounded like a real grown up age! I figured that by then I would have my life figured out, be more mature, and have more wisdom and grace. I couldn’t wait, but I have a few girlfriends who were dreading turning thirty. WHY?? Dreading leaving the most unstable decade of our lives behind? Dreading the next big chapter, the ultimate prime of adulthood? But even with as much as I talked shit to my friends, I wasn’t expecting things to ACTUALLY change in myself almost the second that I turned thirty!

For your reading pleasure: Three huge things that changed in my third decade.

My Tastes in Food and Drink:

Up until this year, I’ve never been able to stomach red wine or IPAs. I was a Mich Ultra and Moscato girl all the way…and then out of no where I couldn’t stomach them! Light beers taste awful to me now, and Moscato? I can’t even stomach that grape juice crap! I’m not sure when the switch was flipped, but I LOVE a good glass of Bordeaux at night, and don’t even give me beer that has the word “light” on the label. Craft beer, IPAs, lager, stout, porter…that’s where it’s at! And food? Say hello to a newbie in the spicy food club!! I’m not trying to burn a hole in my esophagus by eating ghost chilies or anything, but I do like a spicy little kick to my foods nowadays! It’s so strange how much your tastes can change with age. I feel like my food and drink choices have done a 180 since my 20’s.


Bring it on, Mr. Cabernet…

My Skincare Regimen:

“Don’t rub your eyes, you’ll get wrinkles”! “Pat your concealer on, don’t tug your skin”! Blah, blah, blah…that’s what 25 year old Lacey said in her head when people would shame me for ruining my skin. But then I started noticing my fine lines a few months ago (and that fucking grey hair right on top of my head) and had a mini meltdown. 300 dollars and over an hour at Sephora later, and I became the new owner of a skincare army and more knowledge about facial products than I thought possible. I started using retinal day and night, but I quickly learned that my skin is way too sensitive under my eyes for that mess. When I started using Young Living essential oils, I discovered my favorite skincare oils: Frankincense, Copaiba, and Manuka oils. I use them every single morning, along with SPF and all of my other products. Masks are my favorite thing, and I have at least 8 of them. I never would have thought that I’d be a skincare fanatic, but that’s thirty for ya…


I may love being 30…but grey hair is a bitch.

My Choice of Leisure:

I used to love going out with my husband or my girlfriends. I would dance all night and party it up! My motto was always “shots shots shots!!!”…and then the hangovers came. Oh did the hangovers come. If I don’t drink like 1/4 gallon of water after every single drink, there is zero chance that I will make it out of bed in the next day or three. I’ve become a homebody, and I’m happy with that choice! Coming home from work and relaxing with Laila and Carson is my favorite part of the day. Reading a book and snuggling with Michael on the couch while he watches football is my happy place! Thirty has definitely taught me how to relax. I’ve always been the one to seek out an adventure but now I’m the one saying “ehhhh…I’m really tired y’all”. I still love to have fun with my friends and family, just on a much more spread out scale.


Blurry pictures are only from the best nights out…which bring the worst hangovers!

Never again will I go tanning or go to bed with make up on. I wish I could go back and slap some sense into 20 year old me, but I’d just flip my hair and think that I already knew everything I needed to know. But you know, I think my favorite thing about myself at this age is that I’m so much more confident than I was at any other age. Even when I was a 100 pound fresh faced college freshman, I was always so self-conscious. So here’s to growing older and wiser, to cultivating your tastes, and to truly embracing each new phase in your life. You never know when your last day will be, so don’t waste any being salty about turning a year older. I’m so excited for this new phase in my life and I really am enjoying this more mature outlook on life. You know, now that I’m a real grown up and all…


Who knew I would be so refined and mature at 30?