Month: September 2016

Have you ever painted a room a really bold color and regretted it?

I have! When we bought our house three years ago, I just knew that I wanted a navy or dark gray wall SOMEWHERE in the house. I am typically always drawn to cool tones…not much on earthy tones over here. So I ended up painting my dining room dark navy blue and really do love it. The thing is, my kitchen was a brick red color  for two years until we finally changed it (We renovated our kitchen, which I will cover in another post) and the rest of my house is a light gray color. The dining room wall that we transformed with the brick DIY has a unique positioning in that it is almost a demi-wall that leads to a hallway and the entryway, so it’s more of a transition wall to the rest of the house than a part of the dining room if that makes sense. I always felt that I wanted to paint it another color to break up the dark dining room and transition to the hallway and entryway without seeming super choppy, but I can’t stand throwing multiple paint colors up for one room. After browsing on Pinterest for a few months, I became really fixated with white brick walls. I love the look, but it’s typically something that you see in big city loft apartments, not really in Florida homes. This photo from Pinterest was one of my inspiration pics.


Image via Pinterest

However, when I researched how to install brick veneer, I became really discouraged because WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?! Not me, that’s for sure. When I was looking for alternatives, I found Faux Brick paneling that can be found here. It’s a great, cost effective alternative to installing actual brick or even brick facers! I knew that I wanted to paint the wall white, so I wasn’t concerned with the appearance being “authentic” coloring wise. We used a table saw to cut the pieces to size, and screwed them directly into the drywall and studs.


My husband Michael, working hard.


Goodbye navy walls!

We used spackle to patch the seams and the screw holes before we painted it.

And here is the end result!

img_7266 img_7265 img_7273 img_7274

I’m so much happier with my dining room now, I have my dark walls without taking away from the airiness of the rest of my decor. What makes me even happier is that the wall didn’t cost us an arm and a leg, and it was a fun weekend project for my husband and I to do together. Kidding, anytime we delve into a home improvement project there is lots of bickering, who really gets along 100% when working with power tools, dust, and kiddos running around in the mix? That’s what beer is for folks!