Month: June 2016

Have you noticed that summer always seems to belong to the kids?

They get out of school, get to go play with their friends all day, get to just lay there while you douse them all over with sunblock…and then with aloe. Being a kid in the summer is the shit!


You better make s’mores at your beach bonfire. Never waste a bonfire!

What about us?! Sure, my work is more hectic in the summer. Yeah, it’s hotter than hell and I constantly question why I ever moved to Florida. But this summer, I’m taking back a piece of it for muhself. In between chasing after my kids and screaming “put on your bike helmet!!!” and sweating in my garden while cursing the sun, I am determined to check off every single thing on my Summer Bucket List. My Starbucks name, for the record, will of course be Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. And because kids since I love basil and moscow mules, I will most definitely be trying this recipe.


Do cocktails get any more summery than this?!

What’s on your Summer Bucket List this year? Make your own, or download the free print and use mine. Don’t forget your SPF!


One Pulse

It’s been the week from Hell in Orlando. We have collectively mourned the loss of a beautiful singer, 49 innocent souls, and a precious little boy…all in less than 7 days. I know that the world has mourned too, and I’ve been so touched by the outpouring of support from all across the globe; but especially from everyone in our Orlando community. Hundreds of people have stepped out to donate blood for the wounded survivors, given their time and money, and just BEEN there for each other. I’ve never experienced such a devastating time in Orlando, but if there is one thing that I have learned from this, it’s that love will always outweigh hate. In honor of Christina Grimmie, the 49 victims of the Pulse Club Massacre, and sweet baby Lane, I am making a decision to put out as much love and light that I can into the world. I encourage you to do the same! Our time on earth is never guaranteed to last, and I can think of nothing better to do with our time here than to spread happiness and cheer!


Sugar, Salad, and Sadness

In that order! I love to celebrate fun little national days that pop up; they’re always a good excuse for chalkboards and snacks! Today is National Donut Day, so the first thing I did was hightail it to Donut King, ofc. I love to create fun chalk art for occasions, and you can always fit succulents and flowers into any design. 1

I used chalk markers for this board, but I’ve been known to use regular chalk as well! It certainly blends better and has more color range. I left my chalk at home in my haste to go shove donuts in my face, so markers it is!


My team was stoked to get donuts and so were our customers! Plus, I got to do some succy art, eat donuts all day, AND it’s Friday? Best!!! Day!!! Ever!!!


Just kidding, I stuck to salad like a good girl, but I was definitely SAD about it. See what I did there? At least the salad dressing has agave in it! 🙂 Happy Friday friends, may your weekend be magical and feel like it drags on forever!